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Taking a deep breath

Understandably, we are all reading a lot about uncertainty theses days. Weighty contemplations about the future of the workplace, school, travel, etc. are easy to find and less easy to make sense of. Interesting reading for sure but I find it all a bit too much to process just now. Perhaps, its the fact that I'm sharing my workplace/home/school with my wife, tween sons and tween dog... it's hard to find the space to contemplate these things.

The fact is, the changes we are experiencing as a result of COVID 19 have been abrupt, disruptive, and global. Not really the best conditions under which major decisions should be made.

Market forces are far from predictable, every day brings a new round of revelations, statistics and predictions. The situation is, in a word, bonkers.

So why not take a moment to be ok with not knowing. As an advisor to a variety of organizations I would love to have a manual on the shelf titled "In the Event of a Global Pandemic". Alas, I will have to take a breath and dive in without the benefit of such a guide.

I don't know what the aviation industry will look like next year and, maybe its a character flaw but I'm fine with that. Oh Sure, I have plenty of ideas but I'm not going to inflict those on you. Instead, I'm going to take the dog for a walk, again, and contemplate how to help my clients be as successful as possible given the circumstances today. Tomorrow will be along soon enough and we'll deal with that then.

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