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Project management by Stratus BD


Finding the time to move forward with a big initiative can be challenging.  Having a skilled project manager there to keep a critical project on track will save your organization time and money.

Strategic planning by Stratus BD


What's next?  Where do you want your organization to be in 10 years?  Building a strategic plan is an essential step towards long term success.  If you don't know where you are going, how will you know when you get there? 

Analysis & research by Stratus BD


Understanding your market and how it is changing is essential.  The landscape of the aviation industry is changing every day. Our analysis will provide fresh insights into the evolving nature of your customers, competitors, trends and more.  Arm your organization with accurate and current market intelligence.

Business development by Stratus BD


Every organization can grow and become more competitive through a strategic partnership.  We can help you identify qualified partners and build a meaningful agreement that enhances the mission of both organizations.

Marketing support from Stratus BD


Marketing for aviation organizations requires an understanding of our unique industry.  We will help you build a strong and efficient marketing program that speaks directly to your customers.  Need a website overhaul or some new energy in your social media presence?  We can help bring new life to stale branding.

Stratus BD technology advisors


Adopting new technology is necessary to remain competitive and efficient.  Choosing the right technology, integration into existing systems, training personnel, and developing a life cycle plan takes time and expertise.  From CRM to a major avionics upgrade we can help make the process painless and worthwhile.

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