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The Digital Marketing Catch-22

Building a business is a long haul of hard work and long days. As business technology has advanced we were all supposed to have more free time, right? One such advancement has the potential to perform amazing feats for your marketing program BUT it comes at cost, sort of. Like any new technology, digital marketing requires you or someone in your company to possess (or acquire) a new skill set. There may be a need to purchase subscriptions and/or upgrade computing technology. This initial outlay of time and money is what prevents many companies from taking advantage of the benefits of digital marketing. Yes, there are still companies that have little or no digital footprint. At best an outdated, poorly designed website. So what? The short answer is... that absence of information or presence of neglected information gives potential customers an impression about your company. Not having a website does not solve your problem.

Any organization can benefit from digital marketing but it takes a plan. A simple set of goals, getting some outside expertise, and not rushing into the digital marketing world is a good start.

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